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TNR HOLDING Viet Nam announce and introduce Goldseason project

On 27/12, TNR HOLDING Viet Nam property development investment holding company announced and introduced Goldseason project at Lotte Hotel. The project was invested by  Winter – VID property holding company,  TNR Holdings Vietnam is the operating – Management unit and Development monopoly.

Always based on the idea  “residential living in art and nature” , so  GoldSeason was design with harmoniously combines, creative and between demand and needs to enjoy a colorful life.

Located at 47 Nguyen Tuan, Thanh Xuan Trung, Hanoi, GoldSeason is the first project in Vietnam of architecter:  Mary O’Connor Jame –  USA MOORE RUBLE YUDELL Moore Ruble Architects & Planner (MRY )  famous deisigner company of US.

With a completely new style,  America style,  GoldSeason’s investor hope will bring a new trend for the capital  real estate market .

Developed from the idea “autumn leaves” of chief architect of the project, Project Launching GoldSeason was replayed a brilliant autumn scenery, impressive strong visual to attendees.


Each block within GoldSeason beauty shines personality, powerful and modern. The harmonious combination of the Sunny balcony, large windows, each apartment is a work of art … all made overall GoldSeason architecture differs from other products on the market real estate .

The project provides not only great appartments but also focus on  landscape items to  bring the best living for every residents

At the center Thanh Xuan districts- one of four fastest growing districts of infrastructure, transportation and education systems, GoldSeason is a modern living space with service system, high quality facilities.

The project have 4 building from 27 floor to 35 floor, contruction rate is about 30%, 70% square for trees and 99 standard facilities.

The facilities like  Mahattan center park, water and light square , BBQ garden, sky bar and caffee, music and painting room, supermarket, international clinic…. Enough  for resident’s needs and enjoy modern  life for all of ages.


Mr. Pham Thi Van Ha – CEO TNR holding Viet Nam shared: “ Gold Season is a unique gift that TNR Holdings Vietnam sent to the moment of reconciliation between 2015 and 2016. Beside  identity continuation about professtionnal project, as every project that TNR Holdings Vietnam develops, there will be breathing GoldSeason own differences. With GoldSeason, we  bring not only a home but also give to customer a living space as  small Mahattan paradise “.

Gold Season is  appartments complex,  forth service that  TNR Holding Viet Nam introduced in 2015. Beside Gold Season, TNR Holding is also managing and operating some large projects :  Goldmark city, Goldsilk Complex, The gold View.

With gold location, expressing design and unique facilities, Gold season has attracted the attention of many customers and investors.


All work from the overall strategic planning of the whole project, selection and supervision of construction contractors, planning and business strategy, marketing and communications for the project to the management and administration of the important sections in the project implementation process, TNR Holdings are managed and operated on behalf of the investor.

TNR Holdings remained  the roadmap to  became professtional  managing and developing real estate projects company. However, in the long-term development strategy, TNR Holdings orientation will become the leading investor in the real estate market.

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