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2016 sees high profitability of luxury apartments

2016 is considered as an ideal time to buy houses thanks to recovery of the market, low interest rates, many incentives, etc.
Money is flowing into the property

According to lots of estimates, in recent years, remittances have continued to increase about an average rate of $1 billion per year. According to the latest announcement by the World Bank (WB), Vietnam has reached the top countries receiving the highest remittances in the world with 12.25 billion dollars (by Jan. 12 2015). Remittances from the US alone into Vietnam was $7 billion in 2015, ranked the 9th globally.

 Apartment design is extremely delicate.

Luxury apartment segment is expected to have high profitability in 2016.

Along with increase in remittances, before Chinese New Year, the real estate market is more active thanks to increase in money from salaries, bonuses and demand of homeownership. Besides, while other investment channels such as banks, gold or stock markets all are unstable, real estate channel brings the most stable and profitable for investors.

High-end apartments – Attractive investment segment

Real estate experts estimate that in 2016, the supply of new apartments in HCMC and Hanoi respectively 50,000 units and 24,000 units. In which, the luxury apartment segment still occupies a significant proportion of new supply. Especially in 2016, the average rent of serviced apartments will increase between 5 – 10%. This is a lucrative opportunity for investors to buy luxury apartments for rent.

Luxury apartment segment is considered as a segment which has high liquidity and meets two demands of both leasing and selling. In particular, senior projects are usually located in a prime location and equipped with modern facilities, etc. Located at 47 Nguyen Tuan (Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi), GoldSeason will bring high profitability in near future.

 Luxury apartment segment is expected to have high profitability in 2016.

Apartment design is extremely delicate.

Built on a total land area of 22,371m2, GoldSeason includes 4 buildings of 27 – 35 floors, providing more than 1,518 apartments. Apartments here have a reasonable area of from 64 – 108m2 with 2 – 3 bedrooms.

At GoldSeason, 70% of the area is for 99 facilities and greenery such as Manhattan park, square, BBQ gardens, swimming pool, sky bar, etc.

 Romance on the high bar.

Romance on the high bar.

GoldSeason is operated and developed exclusively by TNR Holdings Vietnam and distributed by STDA.

On Jan. 30 2016, STDA will organize the launching ceremony of GoldSeason at Hanoi Daewoo Hotel (360 Kim Ma Street, Hanoi). At the launching ceremony, STDA presents customers many valuable gifts worth up to 50 million VND including LED 40-inch Samsung TV worth 15 million VND; Hitachi refrigerator worth 10 million VND and 3 Panasonic washing machines worth 15 million VND, etc.

For more information, please contact: Real Estate Project Supermarket System (STDA), 137 Nguyen Ngoc Vu, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.

Hotline: 0914.434.102


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