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D ‘. Le Roi Soleil perceives the gold value from West Lake- the land of civilization

With prime location near the West Lake and invested carefully by the Tan Hoang Minh Group, D’. Le Roi Soleil complex not only makes up class but also is a perfect living environment for residents.

It is no exaggeration to say that to own apartments in luxurious real estate complex of D’. Le Roi Soleil is a “privilege” only for few people. Because this is the first high-rise project on Quang An Peninsula which is allowed build apartments for sales attached to the permanent red registration book. This is a rare opportunity for clients to live as resorting in the area being considered as “the most worth-living place” in the capital.

The land in West Lake is known as a civilization place with many mysterious legends. The beautiful land along with millennial spiritual convergence are truly ideal to live and work in peace and contentment. Hanoi people concept Westlake as the place of spiritual convergence and believe that prosperity and happiness will “sprout emerged fortune” on the land with good feng shui. The land is surrounded by great and spiritual relics such as Tay Ho Temple, Tran Quoc Temple, Quan Thanh Temple, Vong Thi Temple and so on.


D’. Le Roi Soleil – Quang An is built on the zodiac axis of Quang An Peninsular- landscape architecture landmark located specially on the long axis Loa – Ba Vi and the West Lake. The tower has a prime location right in the spirit Dragon – the position is considered as prosperous feng shui. Living in D’. Le Roi Soleil – Quang An, the owners will enjoy three sides facing the West Lake and one side facing Red River which hardly exist in any places. With a clean environment and cool climate of  four seasons, the owners will be undisturbed in mind when coming to the religious meditation in the Buddhist worshipping place and relaxed to look for historical values through the traditional villages as Flower Village United – Tay Tuu, Duc Dong – Ngu Xa; Peach Blossom – Nhat Tan …. It is sure that the residents of D ‘. Le Roi Soleil – Quang An will enjoy a peaceful desirable life.

BeboivocucLuxurious outdoor swimming pool at the project

The strip of land along the West Lake is evaluated as the “most worth-living place” in the capital, the environment here as a resort. It will be difficult to find any place in Hanoi with romantic and charming natural scenery such as West Lake where the water surface is 500 hectares of width. Magnificent villas reflects the lake. West Lake is also a romantic destination, a wonderful relaxation and entertainment place for people at weekend. Especially, this is the new developing area with comprehensive infrastructure plan and open space without polluting waste resulting in a very high resort’s value. The West Lake is the first choice of the foreign tenants.

That is reason why Ho Tay area is always the first choice of foreign tenants. This area usually has an apartment renting density up to 90% and the renting price is around 2300 – 2600 USD per apartment a month with the area of 100m2. This is one of the markets which have the highest renting density and price in Vietnam. Therefore, investing in apartments of D’. Le Roi Soleil – Quang An will help the owners have profit and surplus value about 6-8%/year according to selected type.


Therefore, there will be nothing as wonderful as all your needs on a comfortable living be fulfilled within a hand’s reach in D’. Le Roi Soleil. Each morning, when waking up and rolling up the window curtain, the apartment owner will breathe pure air, enjoy the cool breeze caring their skin and see the first sunbeam sparkling on the lake. The rib-cage will be full of vitality to start a new day.

After a hard-work day, they will be eager to return to their home and immersed themselves in a romantic sunset when the red sun gradually “sinks” below the surface of the lake. Zooming their eyes out and absorbing their soul through the vast water surface, all concerns, busies and stresses of daily life will be casted off. The apartment owners of D’. Le Roi Soleil will quickly refresh and restore health to gather in the cozy dinner with their family and enjoy a view of the sparkling city on the windy lake’s surface.

Project of D’. Le Roi Soleil – Quang An is located at the three-way crossroads of Xuan Dieu, Dang Thai Mai, Tay Ho – Hanoi

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