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D’. Palais de Louis Project Overview

TongquanNguyenVanHuyenD’. Palais de Louis Project Overview

Address: No.6, Nguyen Van Huyen Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi

Investor: Tan Hoang Minh Group and Hanoi Single Member LLC of Housing Management and Development

Land area: 4,791 m2

Construction area: 2,318 m2

Building density: 48.4 %

Number of floors: The building includes 4 basements and 27 floors above ground (including 2 trade floors and 25 floors of apartment)

Type of the building: A tower with kingly class apartments

Type of ownership: Eternal Certificate of housing ownership

Time of handover: expected time of handover is in Quarter 3, 2015

Project Location:

D’. Palais de Louis is in a favourable position which is near Nghia Do park, center of Cau Giay District. From the project, Residents can easily connect with West Lake area within 5 minutes of driving. Because it is in the center of Cau Giay district, it is easily link to many utilities in the fullest and most convenient way.

The land boundary:

The East borders on a newly built villa and planning traffic road.

The West borders on Nguyen Van Huyen street

The South borders on Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

The North borders on Le Quy Don Secondary School


Perfect utilities:

Designed by the world’s leading companies such as: Katsuki Archidesign Inc – Japan, Meinhardt VN Ltd.,– Australia, Design Wordwide Partnership (DWP) – France… Palais de Louis is a residential building with original architecture, an artistic masterpiece which includes classical and contemporary quintessence.

D’. Palais de Louis is a building with luxury apartments which has most modern basement system in Vietnam. The capacity of system is space for 325 cars and 284 motorbikes to park. The basement is spiral design which allows cars to easily move even for the low underbody supercar. In addition, Automatic car parking system is a high-class utility which is only available at D’. Palais de Louis.


Trade central system with many famous fashion brand, the high-grade consumer products is located on the 1st floor and 2nd floor of the building.

The shopping area is in harmony with the overall architecture of the building and meets the rigorous standards of quality. It is always decorated in a splendid way and is a place for resident of D’. Palais de Louis to search for rare, precious and expensive items, or simply to relax after a long busy day.

Area of beauty care, aesthetic gym, sauna, spa, massage… is harmoniously arranged at the 2nd floor. Tan Hoang Minh group has cleverly put a wonderful space to relax with pure fragrance and modern equipment. People who live there will have the most professional and perfect time of health recovering and care.


There are two four-season pool located on the roof, at a height of 120m which is the highest in Vietnam today. Water surface area is more than 500m2 with 4 Roman colonnades luxuriously coated by marble. The water supply and water temperature adjusting system is very modern. It can keep water cool in summer and warm in winter.

Apartment design:

Kingly value:


Exterior: with 20 million dollar used for Granite coating the entire outdoor surface of the building, D’. Palais de Louis imitates a palace with its timeless beauty.

Hall: The hall is 2000m2 with 7m of height. D’. Palais de Louis building has a hall that no hall of 5-star hotels can reach. It is very splendid with excellent beauty of marble that brings to us the feeling of being in a royal palace, quiet before peach flower painting and sophisticated, luxurious staircase.

Skylight: The outstanding difference of D’. Palais de Louis is using whole the space in the center of the building with the height of 120m to create a giant skylight which is used for air convection and natural light balance to every little space in each apartment.

Elevator: the building has 06 elevators with floating mirror and 02 elevators for specialized cargo loading of Otis brand, so it can ensure that each apartment nearly has its own elevator. This is an impressive highlight of D’. Palais de Louis.

Smart elevator system applies the most modern technology to ensure the comfort and safety when operating. Each elevator can also be seen as a high artistic work with original crown shape style, tempered glass cabin and elegant golden details.

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