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Design of Building N02 Autunm GoldSeason

Next to the “Mannhattan New York” park, Autumn Tower have a lot of strong points highlighting Gold Season, including a green and relaxation space, convergence of high-end living facilities and gateway of internal roads area (walking area, shopping mall,…)


Tower N02 – Autumn have a dream location: right next to the green landscape system – the most highlight advantage of Gold Season – direct view to the American design landscape, also near the high-end utilities in Gold Season.

Design of Autunm Building
Design of Autunm Building

Design of Building Autumn N02 is also very flexible, bearing style and taste of America. The basic parameters are as follows:

35 floors, floor 1 – 6 shopping mall, Commercial Centre, floor 6 – 35 apartment.

6 elevator (5 person elevator, 1 goods elevator) 2 staircase and 2 emergency stair.

Apartment hallway width: 3.2 m, Height: 2,85m

Apartment type: 2 – 3 bedroom, 14 units per floor giving the customer many choices.


Airy balcony, logia are arranged logically, all glass – paneled apartments are flooded with light and natural ventilation and wide corridor to help circulate the air inside the building is the outstanding design make the class brand of N02 Autumn. This is not just a place to stay, but also a place to enjoy life.

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Living in Autumn Gold Season, you are establishing your own personality; STYLIST – STRONG – DIFFERENCE!


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