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TNR Holdings Viet Nam

Recently, the rapidly development of Goldmark City Project have made TNR Holdings Vietnam known as  management  and professional  development  real estate project unit- a rather new concept in Vietnam

About one year ago,  TNR Holdings Vietnam (Vietnam Holdings TNR) real estate development  Investment Joint Stock Company was name so strange on the real estate market. That strange, at the press conference to introduce the Goldmark City project (136 Ho Tung Mau, Bac Liem district, Hanoi) on 18/12/2014 at Hanoi Daewoo Hotel, many guests attended the event also TNR Holdings Vietnam confusion as foreign investors acquired the project Castle Plaza from Trade – Advertising – Construction – Viet Han Real Estate Co., Ltd.

It takes many months after the event, by the aggressive boot Goldmark City project, with a strong resources and professional sales team, TNR Holdings Vietnam’s new brand positioning as a business managing partner and project development with investor, rather than a foreign enterprise engaged “annexation” of projects of domestic investors.

Talking to  Investing Online – Baodautu.vn reporters, Mr.Ho Bao Hung , vice CEO and Head of Investment – Trading of TNR said that, TNR Holdings Vietnam managered and developed  property projects . Different from traditional and typical methods  in Vietnam, From past to present ,as an  manager investor and  as development project, TNR Holdings is a business model specializing in management and project development. From    planning strategy for the entire project, selecting and monitoring the contractor, planning and business strategy, marketing and communications for the project, to the management and administration of the department involved in the project implementation process, TNR Holdings are managed and operated ínstead of investors.


GSS-Nguyen-Tuan Project Goldseason 47 Nguyen Tuanm is managered nad developed by TNR Holdings

Mr.Hung said that before, many investors had land, capital or construction techniques, but no direction, management and  development the project, so sold many goods that are not customers to receive or not to maximize benefits. Many investors still do the traditional way is self development projects because they do not see the usefulness of a professional developing   unit. “But I asserts, if we have a professional development unit certainly cost would be more efficient, revenue and profits would be higher,” Mr. Hung asserts. Therefore, more and more investors realize necessity to hiring a professional  managers and development project .

At Goldmark City, since re – buid in late 2014 with the participation of Vietnam TNR Holdings role management and  development the project, now  the project was built ahead of schedule. Currently, contractors being constructed  9 40 floor- building. After a year of construction, many buildings were built near to level 29, over the progress commitments up to 40 days. Sales situation is better  when distributors sold more than 1,500 apartments in 10 months .

with the success of the management model of project development,Mr. Ho Bao Hung, vice CEO and Head of Investment – Business of TNR confidently asserted: “In the medium term, TNR Holdings still pursued route is becoming the exclusive management  and development project firm. Some investors also have access to and proposals for cooperation with TNR Holdings, but the company decided, would do well  the existing projects. “

Reportedly, followed Goldmark City, TNR Holdings is also the managing and operating a large real estate project in Hanoi and HCM City as GoldSilk Complex, The GoldView, GoldSeason, with  nearly 10,000 apartments.

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