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Utilities Green – Clean – Beautiful – Best Quality

GoldSeason luxury apartment is designed with full facilities to cater to the lives of people here in the best way. At GoldSeason, you have a space Green – Clean – Beautiful – Best Quality. Here , we have emphasized to fully meet every customer’s life utility but not lose the elegance and luxury of the apartment Gold Season American style .


Gold Season with area of over 20,000 m2, is planned office complex , residential and commercial services combining modern and advanced. In particular , investors dedicated a piece of land with an area of up to 1.600m2 for building central park , inspired by Manhattan ‘s most famous parks , NewYork. A Manhattan in the heart of Hanoi would be great therapy to help residents life balance , energy revival , relaxing after a long day of work every turn .

This is one of the few apartment complexes offer a complete utility serving individuals , families and the community, Include:

  1. Public Utilities

Sanh-open-space-1024x504✯ Luxury lounge , class 5 star                      ✯ International Hospital

✯ Business center , gym , luxury spa          ✯ Pool four seasons , trees path for walking

✯ Shopping mall                                             ✯ Cafe Garden

✯ Sunbathing area                                          ✯ Flower arch , pedestrian bridge

✯ BBQ Garden                                                 ✯Outdoor sports area

✯ Walkway for the disabled                          ✯ Wedding Center , Upscale restaurant

  1. Utilities for children

✯ Sandboxes                                                 ✯Language Club

✯Climbing wall                                             ✯ Eco Children

✯Kindergartens, high-quality international schools     ✯Gifted Club


  1. Utilities for the elderly

✯ Corner playing chess         ✯ Seniors club

✯ Road foot massage              ✯ Golf nourishing

duong_sinh_CopyGold Season apartment ensures you and your family a peaceful living space extremely modern and also the most rare in Hanoi .

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