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Design of Apartment 87.5m2 GoldSeason

With harmonious combination between sunny balconies, large windows, common living area and a separate living room … apartment 87,5m2 GoldSeason is a work of art … make overall is GoldSeason, the most distinct architectural areas.

Apartment 87,54m2 GoldSeason including apartments 05, 12 of the Autunm building are designed similar Apartment 84,4m2 but up to 3 bedroom apartments. This is a very good type of investment units, with 58 units, consisting of : 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 3 bedrooms open, 2 toilets, 2 balconies ventilation.

Designed guestrooms stretch, sweeping symmetrical apartments and completely with bedroom and kitchen areas, creating a common living space luxurious, spacious. Apartment 05 have balcony Southeast , apartmen 12 have Northwest balcony view intra-area and cool pool.

Design of Apartment 87.5m2 GoldSeason

Designed kitchen area separate from the living room and the balcony, so making convenient , minimize the odor renders apartment. It’s also fully furnished, modern American styles.

Apartment 87,5m2 GoldSeason -class design , the price advantage, but only 31tr / m2 – 34tr / m2 , approximately 3.1 billion – 3.4 billion , much lower prices compared to the same class project level , the same areas


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