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Design of Apartment 96.5m2 GoldSeason

Apartment 96,5m2 GoldSeason is apartmen 01, 08 of Autunm Building with beautiful area are design quite square, view internal harmony and reach the widest area, which gives the home a relaxed mind, enjoy a living space receptor class .

In terms Overall , the apartment  96,5 m2 GoldSeason has 3BRs arranged intelligently, including 2 WC, 1 kitchen, 1 living room with a stretching area. This design helps maximize space use.

Apartment 96,5m2 designed the door not look directly into the living room, very feng shui and ensure the highest privacy . Particularly easy excess area layout shoe holders or hang a picture helps apartments unforgettable , impressive.

Design of Apartment 96.5m2 GoldSeason

Guestrooms feature spacious, airy and natural wind . Apartment 01 has Northeast balcony direct view central Manhattan Park. Apartment 08 has Southwest balcony, ventilated.

The kitchen designed tidy complete, helps minimize the odor renders the living room.

Three bedrooms are reasonable design : large bedroom with separate WC, two small bedrooms near shared toilet so airy home, living facilities.

With advantages designed , beautiful view but apartment 96,5m2 only priced from 30 million / m2 – 33trm2, so just 2.9 billion as customers already own one apartment 3BRs amenities at superlative class Hanoi center


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