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Design of a 64.4m2 apartment GoldSeason

Designed by an American with his enthusiasm who loves Vietnam and has a great desire to make a different mark, 64.4m2 Goldseason apartment is bright with its beauty of personality, strength, modernity and American style.

64.4m2 Goldseason apartments are apartments No.02, 07, 09 and 16 of Autumn building. They are designed preeminently to make use of its utilities. Apartments No.2 and No.16 have northeast balcony which can help you look directly the Manhattan precinct. Apartments No.7 and No.9 have view of walkway and elevated highway.

Basically, it is very easy to realize that 64.4m2 apartment is 2-bedroom kind (there are 116 apartments of this kind) which each apartment includes: 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 2 airy bedrooms, 1 toilet and 2 clear balconys


Design of Apartment 64.4m2 GoldSeason

The special feature in the apartment design of Autumn building in general and 64.4m2 apartments in particular is that the living area always has stretch design which help you see the whole of apartment, also, the living area and bedroom and kitchen area are designed symmetrically. This feature creates a luxurious and spacious common living space.

The kitchen is separated with living room and connected with balcony which creates convenience and minimizes smell of food stained in the apartment.

The price is only 30 million VND/m2 – 33 million VND/m2, so with about 1.9 billion VND you can own an most convenient apartment in center of Hanoi city.


Email: cskh@goldseason-vid.com 

Hotline: Mrs Dong: 0914.434.102

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